Welcome To YinYang Solutions

Today institutions worldwide are seeking solutions for their sustainability and symphony within their business ecosystem.

Creativity, aligned with efficient processes, forms today's software development yin-yang effect. It sets the stage for solutions that are innovative & integrative and are deployed with super speed and efficiency. Creativity and efficiency coupled together work best as a team.

We at Yin Yang believe , thinking outside the box along with seeking and promoting solutions which will meet the aspirations of the entire business suite and offer a path forward for "Balanced Sustainability Solutions" and as per the age old aspirations embodied in YIN YANG.

Yin Yang solutions has facilities in two locations

  • Mumbai (Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 15-seater Software Design / Analysis Center
  • Pudducherry - 45- seat Software Development Center

Custom Application Services

    Application Development

    Support and Maintenance Consulting

  • Application Support and Maintenance
  • Multi-level (Level 1, 2, 3, 4) Support & Maintenance capability using a Corrective, Preventive, Adaptive & Perfective approach across technologies and business domains.
  • Transition2Transformation


  • Application Integration Services
  • Product Evaluation
  • Integration
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Migration & Upgrades
  • Testing
  • Data Interchange Services
  • Migration
  • Implementation
  • Upgrade

Application Reingeneering and Modernization

  • Re-engineering & Modernization
  • Environment Upgrades & Refresh
  • Service Enabling
  • Web Enabling
  • Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Language Migrations

Domain Expertise


  • Enterprise solution (equally modular) for mid sized – large hospitals: “HOSPICARE”. Hospicare” caters to administrative, medical, financial needs of hospitals-nursing homes.
  • Enterprise solution (equally modular) for mid sized – large diagnostic centres;“DIAGNOCARE” caters to administrative, medical, financial needs of diagnostic centres.
  • Clientele constitutes 200+ hospitals, nursing homes with different engagement models
  • Medical Records Digitization and Indexing: Microfilm, Microfiche, Normal Documents (A0 – A4 size).

Extended services to the Healthcare Ecosystem

  • Document Maintenance Parameter creation
  • Document Scanning , Storage , Archival
  • Document Access Rights
  • Document Indexing
  • Document Online Search
  • Workflow Management System