Healthcare ERP

The “HOSPICARE® ” is a fully integrated, single-solution information system. As an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system built exclusively for healthcare and based on a multi-tiered network design concept that has become the new standard for computer solutions, “HOSPICARE®” allows for scalability, the central management of business rules and reduced maintenance and overheads.


    Seamless administration and control

  • Updation of data by authorized person at department level.
  • Enterprise Master Data Management: Approach to Managing Core Information.
  • Advanced MIS reporting both in graphics and printed form

  • Integrated system allows the decision makers and administrator to view MIS Reports live.

    Parameterization : Easy Customizable features

  • Discounts / Token Number System / Doctor Appointment Slot Time based or based on number of patients / Printing formats customizable / Payment modes and their reflection in Hospital Accounting Package ( Integration with Tally ) and many more……
  • Customization can be done easily based on the health enterprise
  • Increases profits and reduces costs considerably by handling information in an efficient and effective way

  • Integrated inventory management and diagnostic management system. Tracking Inventory at wards , tracking samples , OT Instrument sets.Barcode for the ease of users and inventory tracking.
  • Item Indent and Issue Analysis. Item Purchase Request and Expiry Analysis.Stock Adjustment
  • Automatic calculated payment generation to Consultants , Outsourced Facilities etc.

  • Logins provided to doctors , outsourced facilities to track their accounts with hospital. And also patients.
  • Calculation based on category of patient, type of service provided, whether insurance patient or not. The amount can be fixed or calculated as a percentage after deducting some fixed amount. There is also a facility to make adjustments, if any, after the calculations are done.TDS is also deducted..
  • Profitability Analysis and Growth Analysis at Department level, Service Level based on patient category.
  • Tracking of patient outstanding based on unique PID , even after a patient visits after many years, or if a patient has multiple policies.
  • Handles incorrect bills, client rate adjustments through administration control
  • OP, IP , Day-Care, Surgery – different billing and payment procedures configurable to multiple locations and categories
  • Rate determination based on multiple parameters – days , time , service type , eligibility

Hospicare ® Features

Doctor/ Service Schedule & Appointments

  • Clinic-wise, Specialty-wise, Centre-wise, Doctor-wise Schedules.
  • New, Recurring, Follow-up Appointments.
  • Phelobotomist Appointments
  • CT, MRI, USG, Echocardiology, TMT Scheduling.
  • Corporate Health Check Appointments.
  • Appointment Postpone or Cancellation message by the source
  • Auto Message to patients
  • Patient waiting time analysis
  • Patients cancellation analysis

Inpatient Admission Reservation

  • Reserve Admission
  • SMS and Email to Patient with reminders
  • Deposit automatically adjusted post admission
  • Cancel a Booking

Surgery/Procedure Booking

  • OT Scheduler
  • Surgeon / Assistant Surgeon / Anaesthetist booking based on availability
  • SMS and Email to Patient and respective healthcare providers
  • Cancel a Booking

Insurance Management

  • Flexible pricing definition, Multi-rate card, Discount Policy.
  • Co-Insurance, Co-Payments
  • Credit Control Policy, Discountable Slab
  • Account Receivables & Payables Tracking System.

Patient Registration

  • Family, Employees, Corporate or Insurance Patient Registration.
  • Demographic details , Patient photograph, Health Record Scan
  • Universal login in Yin Yang Panel with a Yin Yang ID

Patient Information : Reception Area

  • Token Number System
  • Patient List Scroll on a LCD Screen in Patient Waiting Area

In-patient Management System

  • Admission
  • Room, ward, Bed Management – Transfer, Retention, Booking, Cancellation.
  • Nursing Management – Vitals, Progress notes, Immunization, Orders, Status Tracking.
  • Insurance, Corporate, Cashless
  • Co Pay / Co insurance facility.
  • Operation Theatre & Surgical Management.
  • Discharge Process-Billing, Settlement, Checklist.

Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

  • OP, IP, Day Care, Surgical Billing.
  • Package Definition & Billing.
  • Cash Payment Controls, Cash Tally, Multi-mode
  • Discounts, Refunds, Cancellations, Write-offs, Dues.
  • Service Charges
  • Cash Expense Management.
  • Doctor & Department Service Fee Calculation.
  • Intergration with Pharmacy / Diagnostic / Consultation / Surgery

Doctor Consultation & Electronic Medical Record

  • Out-Patient EMR, General Practice, Ante-Natal Clinic, Emergency Notes.
  • Gynaecology , Pediatric , Orthopedic , Dialysis
  • Medical Coding (ICD-10).
  • Admission Notes, Procedure Notes
  • Surgical Notes, Anesthesia Notes.
  • Unlimited Record Scan and Upload
  • Patient History maintained
  • Discharge Summary, Birth & Death Notes.
  • Medical Record Tracking & Maintenance.

Lab Information System

  • Orders, Phlebotomy, Accession, Home Collection.
  • Timed Specimen Collection, Sample Bar-coding.
  • Test Results, Validation.
  • Sample Rejection, Outsourcing
  • Validation, Authorization.
  • Auto-result Publishing & Dispatch System, e-Signatures.
  • Mobile App

Radiology & Imaging Information System

  • Modality Appointments, Radiology Orders.
  • Patient Preparation Checklist, History.
  • Reports, Images, Authorization, e-Signatures.

Pharmacy Information System

  • Central and Distributed Points of Sale
  • Prescription-controlled Pharmacy Sales, Sale Returns.
  • Pharmacy Billing – OP, IP, Surgical Replacements, Non-hospital Public.
  • Drug Expiry
  • Tax, Discounts, Refunds, Cancellations

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Packaging, Supplier Quotation.
  • Supplier Analysis & Purchase Decision Support System.
  • Centralized or De-centralized Purchase, Approval.
  • Stock Receive , Indent and Issue
  • Stock Damage, Store & Supplier Returns, Re-orders.
  • Supplier Payments, Credit & Debit Adjustments.
  • Purchase Management
  • Consumption tracking at all stock locations
  • Bar code

Referral System

  • On-line In-bound & Out-bound Referral System.
  • Referring Doctor, Centre tracking System.

Interfacing With Equipments

  • Uni Directional Pathology
  • Bi Directional Pathology
  • Barcode Scanners and Printers
  • Bio Metric Machine

Master Data Management System

Roster Management ( Duty Rosters ) interface with biometric machine

Interface with Tally

User management & Authority System


  • Collection , Analysis , Statistics reports


  • Salary Slip / Loan / Allowance and Deductions
  • Statutory Reports

Help Desk (Patient Enquiry)

  • Package details
  • Insurance details
  • Bed booking details
  • Admitted patient details
  • Diagnostic Charges Details